Release Notes

CT Live: Pre-Roll Video Image Settings Update

As our media productmodern browsers and supporting platforms mature, we are no longer supporting the use of still images (.png or .jpg) as a video pre-roll commercial offering. We will continue to support .mp4 submissions, as this is the appropriate submission format for pre-roll video viewing on www. and the Athlinks App. If your need to host a pre-roll commercial that is exclusively based off a still image (.jpg or png), we’ll ask that you utilize off-the-shelf software to convert the still image into a .mp4 video file encoded h.264 (recommended: no more than 5 seconds and with audio for video enrichment).

Transitioning exclusively to .mp4 files will ensure the best and richest media playing experience for our users. We’ve made updates to the User-Interface communicating the exclusive acceptance of .mp4 files for pre-roll advertisement uploads and also updated our KnowledgeBase to reflect this change.

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