Release Notes

CT Live + RSU Custom Question Bracket Mapping

We’re excited to announce an excellent quality-of-life improvement to the CTL + RSU integration. With this new release, Custom Questions created on RunSignup will sync to CT Live and are usable to map entries to Custom Brackets in CT Live.

As with ChronoTrack Live Custom Questions, only certain types of RSU Custom Questions should be used to map entries to brackets. These types of questions are the ones with a limited number of predetermined answer values that you define when you set them up. These are: Check Box, Radio Button, Yes/No, and Select Menu.

If you were to set up the question “Would you like to participate as a Clydesdale or Athena” as a Free Form question type, you might receive answers including misspellings or abbreviations, thus, each one will require its own Bracket Rule to ensure everyone gets mapped correctly.

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