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CT Live Scoring – NEW Aggregate Intervals

We’re pleased to announce a brand new scoring feature in CT Live – Aggregate Intervals. This feature allows you to take any two or more Intervals of any type and provide results and awards for their cumulative (aggregated) time.

One scenario where this would be useful is a “King of the Hill” type race where awards are given only for certain segments of the race. If the race had two or three hills, and awards were given for best cumulative time for all three, Aggregate Intervals will help!

To make an Aggregate Interval, first create all the Intervals you need for the Race, then use the new + Aggregate Interval button.


Enter a name for the Aggregate Interval, choose whether it will be published in online results or not, and select the Intervals that will be included, then save.


After you make an Aggregate Interval, you can click the arrow next to the + Aggregate Interval button to access it.


When editing a normal Interval, you now also have the option to add it to or remove it from an existing Aggregate Interval.


As noted above, Aggregate Intervals will appear in Online Results both on CT Live and in Athlinks as well as the Awards Report. They can also be selected in Panels when using the Awards Report.

Here are a few additional items of note concerning this release:

  • Aggregate Intervals sum the ROUNDED times of all associated Intervals.
  • The Aggregate Teams Report does not currently support selection of Aggregate Intervals as the award interval.
  • Penalties do not currently work with Aggregate Intervals. This support will be added in a later iteration.

For full details on the new Aggregate Intervals, check out the Knowledge Base article HERE.

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