Release Notes

CT Live – Video Archiving Issue FIX

What got fixed?

We started archiving chip timing data for past events early in 2019, starting with events a year old and then switching to 6 months old, then to 3 months. We implemented this process to keep our primary scoring database clear of unnecessary data so that scoring for live events can happen faster. However, users reported that their synced athlete video for events with archived data was disappearing from results, though photos were still intact.

What’s it like now?

For a while now, our solution to this issue has been not to archive events at all, but now we’ve fixed the underlying issue and will resume archiving chip timing data for events that happened more than 3 months ago. This means that scoring calculation speed will see an improvement!

All synced results, participant video, and photos will continue to appear in results even when the event’s chip timing data is archived.

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