Release Notes

Custom Finisher Certificates- now available in the Athlinks Mobile App

We’re excited to announce that Custom Finisher Certificates are now available in the Athlinks Mobile App, exclusive to ChronoTrack LIVE Scoring Users. Previously, only generic Finisher Certificates were served in the Athlinks Mobile App. Available on the Athlinks Platform [www and our native iOS and Android apps], a custom certificate experience is consistent across all platforms on which your Athletes will access their certificates.

Finisher Certificates are available for immediate download to all mobile device camera rolls and/or on social network sharing platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Check it out below and download the Athlinks Mobile App to see for yourself:

In addition, here are recent system-wide User engagement analytics for our top-in class Finisher Certificate product:

  • May 2018- 16,509 certificates downloaded
  • June 2018- 18,501 certificates downloaded
  • July 2018- 20,976 certificates downloaded
  • August 2018- 22,073 certificates downloaded
  • September 2018- 44,835 certificates downloaded

TOTAL: 122,894 certificates downloaded

For all the details on how to build your event’s Custom Finisher Certificate, visit our Knowledge Base article.

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