Release Notes

Domestic Onsite and Online Registration PAYMENT GATEWAY optimization

In the recent weeks, we did some spring cleaning and optimized our registration platform offering by creating a seamless integration with our PAYMENT GATEWAY providers, exclusive to our Domestic/US business. (This is not applicable to our International business today).

For those of you not familiar with what a PAYMENT GATEWAY is, essentially they facilitate credit card transactions.

So what does this optimization mean to you?

This will prevent any support issues with processing credit card transactions between the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM and ONSITE REGISTRATION FORM (noting we’ve experienced issues with our onsite registration transaction due to complexity with our payment gateways).

What did we do?

Our ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM now points to our STRIPE PAYMENT GATEWAY and our ONSITE REGISTRATION FORM points to our ADYEN PAYMENT GATEWAY due it is ability to be PCI Compliant with onsite transactions (i.e. you can now use your credit card swipers with confidence that the correct payment gateway is facilitating the transaction).

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