Release Notes

Enhanced Athlete Media Tab to include hide/unhide tagging

We’ve released the ability to hide/unhide images via the Athlete Media tab. This is excited for our Digital Media product users b/c the until now, the hide/unhide feature exclusively lived under our Media Photo tab in ChronoTrack LIVE Admin. By also now allowing the image hide/unhide feature live in the Athlete  Media Tab, you’ll be able to look up an individual athlete’s personal photo gallery and expeditiously hide/unhide images as you see fit. This will be especially beneficial for images living in athletes gallery that we’re associated to the athlete via timing synchronization. Since currently today we don’t associate a bib number to an image under our synchronization tool (but this is coming in the future), you may hide the “synchronized tagged image” via the Athlete Media Tab. Also, the nice thing about our hide/unhide image feature is that it preserves the bib number tagging data associated to the image (continuing to make it easily accessible to ChronoTrack LIVE Admin users via the Athlete Media Tab. This work now gives the athlete a personal photo gallery that is clean and applicable with only the photos they desire.


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