Release Notes

Enhanced Athlete Media tab by removing Manual Bib Tag data

We’ve released “bib number removal” from the Athlete Media Tab. What does this mean to you as Digital Media product user? Now when a participant requests to have a manually bib tagged image removed from their personal photo gallery, you now have the ability within the Athlete Media Tab to remove the applicable bib number(s) from the image and thus; giving the athlete a personal photo gallery that is clean and applicable with only the photos they desire. Please note this only applies for images that have received manually bib tagging data. Images that received athlete association from timing data synchronization (auto-sorting) are still unable to be removed from an athlete’s personal photo gallery until we complete some scheduled work in the future. However, we also just released an ability to “hide” an image from the Athlete Media tab in which you’ll be able to satisfy your clients’ wishes. Finally, with also future scheduled work, we’ll allow Athlinks Members in the future to remove the image unilaterally and by their self via the Athlinks Individual Results & Media page for the applicable event.


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