Release Notes

Enhancements to Standard T-shirt Options

We’ve released significant feature enhancements that allow customization on the Standard (Free) T-shirt tab and reg slide. Now this option is called ‘Standard Products’ and includes customizable fields.

Product Customization:

  1. Reg Slide Header
  2. Custom Options*

*These new custom options work just like a standard T-shirt size by integrating with inventory, reporting, manually adding an athlete etc.

Important Changes:

  1. The ‘Save’ button is moved to top of page
  2. No sizes are checked by default
  3. Removed Unisex Options in New Events*

*Unisex sizes were only removed from NEW events, as they were considered redundant with Standard size options. Past events will keep Unisex sizes IF they were in use.

See highlighted admin changes:

See highlighted reg form customization:

Also, these new custom option are compatible with the standard inventory controls:

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