Release Notes

Fusion Middleware Now Available to Download

The latest innovation in middleware technology is here! This new middleware is loaded with great features to make your race day timing experience better than ever. Fusion is built to manage your controllers and seamlessly move data into your scoring software. Read on to find out more about the features that will make your race day great.

  • StreamCards
    • Combines separate session data into a common stream
  • Local remote control
    • Use remote control on controllers that are connected locally
  • RaceView
    • View all streams in on one screen, giving you a broad overview of what is happening at your event
  • Better insights into data
    • Preview tag data before adding it to a stream
    • Preview invalid tags
    • Time deltas for last tag seen in a stream
  • CTLive Import
    • Make race day even easier by importing your CTLive Timing Devices into Fusion for quick easy setup


StreamCards are your way to simplify the data you are managing. In our previous middleware you had a 1 to 1 ratio of stream to session of data. Going forward you can combine as many sessions of data as you need into one stream. Below is an example of this for your start data.

Sessions of data can be added easily by simply by dragging the session of data needed into the StreamCard. From there you will only need to select the output destination for the data and press play.

Local Remote Control

Remote control allows you to view your controller while you are connected to it through a local network. Simply click on the controllers tab and select the locally connected controller. Once selected, you will see your controller connected and will be able to view the status of all connections, antennas, and batteries.

This functionality is great for checking on the status of you controller by viewing and acknowledging error messages and changing settings all in real time.



After setting up your StreamCards for your race, you can switch over to RaceView. This will give you a broad overview of your data and also let you know of any errors that may pop up during streaming your data.

Data Insights

Fusion also allows you to have better insights into your data. You can now preview your race data before adding it to a stream, showing you both times from tag reads and their source. There is also an option to view invalid tags that have been removed from a stream due to filters. While viewing invalid tags you can see the reason the tag was invalidated and if needed make inline changes to make the tag valid.

CTLive Import

By using your CTLive credentials you are able to preset event spaces in Fusion to match your race set up in CTLive! This will setup your StreamCards to match your Timing Devices that are already configured in CTLive.

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