Release Notes

General Release: Fusion Remote Control + MiniTrack/ChronOS Firmware Updates

We are happy today to announce that after a successful beta testing period, we are officially taking the product to a general public release.

Remote Control Features

Right now, Remote Control allows users on MiniTrack Firmware version and ChronOS Firmware to take advantage of the following View and Control features, available with Fusion 3.6.25:

  • Allow timers to remotely view the following on controllers:
    • Battery status
    • Antenna status
    • Power status
    • Reader Power
  • Allow timers to remotely control the following on controllers
    • Reader Channels (Specific Regions)
    • Markers
    • Acknowledge and View Alerts
    • Active Loop and Channels
    • Event and Point Names
    • Immediate Mode

To start using Remote Control at your events today, be sure to read up on our extensive KnowledgeBase article HERE, before taking the plunge. The article will show you how to authorize your controllers on ChronoTrack’s remote server and view their statuses in Fusion. For everything you need to know about setting up Fusion for the first time, check out the KnowledgeBase article HERE

As mentioned briefly above, the release of this product is supported by the following firmware releases:

  • Mini
  • Pro2 (ChronOS)

It is important that all timers interested in utilizing Remote Control Fusion middleware, also have the updated MiniTrack and Pro2 firmware versions. In addition to enabling Remote Control use, check out what went into the updates and the features you can expect with each:

MiniTrack Firmware Version


  • Locally connects to Middleware
  • Fixed “Active Loop Fault” Error from repeating

New Features

  • Enables Remote Control and View
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP) Time Syncing over cellular
    • Connect to an NTP server to pull time
  • Auto RFID
    • Turns RFID power off to save power. Automatically detects RFID antennas and turns on RFID Power
  • Multiple Servers
    • Allows the controller to connect two servers
  • ATI Files
    • Allows timers to view active tag information including battery levels
  • GPGGA data updates in Mrk files
    • This is the location of the box with a timestamp

Known Issues

  • DNS does not always resolve
    • Work around: Use IP Address
  • MiniTrack Version is not supported on MiniTrack Serial Numbers prior to Serial 10645
    • Work around: Install new firmware with ChronoSync plugged into controller
    • Will work on a fast follow up release
  • Controller Reverts back to previous Firmware version
    • Install Firmware twice
  • Time Zone offset is reset after boot

Learn how to upgrade your MiniTrack by following the steps in this KnowledgeBase article.

Pro2 Firmware Version (ChronOS)


  • All port lights staying on after boot up
  • Connecting to CCS twice on Cellular connections
  • Lost Readers due to incorrect Channel configurations
  • Fix time rollover when passing midnight (hour set to 0 instead of 24)
  • Add shutdown confirmation prompt for power switch
    • Fixes issues caused by bad power switches
  • Fixed issue with A/C being triggered on without A/C being plugged in
  • Improvements to cellular connectivity

New Features 

  • Enables Remote Control and View
  • One-Touch Setup (Auto time sync and auto connect)
  • Turn the controller on and let it do the hard work
  • ATI Files
    • Allows timers to view active tag information including battery levels
  • Power Board Firmware
    • Watchdog (ensures ChronOS boots properly)
    • Added battery savings while controller is off
  • Added 6 digit Active Tag Support
  • NTP Time Syncing
    • Connect to an NTP server to pull time
  • Auto Connect on boot up

Known Issues 

  • NTP Time Syncing does not work with Cellular Connection type
    • Will release a follow up with fix

Learn how to upgrade your ChronOS firmware by following the steps in this KnowledgeBase article.

To download the latest software versions above, visit the Downloads section in the Timers Portal.

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