Release Notes

Launch Now Supports Bib Validation By Race and Registration Choice

We know that when Events take the time to design specific Bibs for each of their Races, that it’s crucial that Volunteers don’t mix them up. In order to assist Race Organizers, we have made an update to Launch that can help prevent Volunteers from handing out incorrect Bibs to Athletes in certain Races or Registration Choices. Previously, Launch allowed Event Directors to declare a single global Min and Max Bib; this new feature allows you to declare ranges in nearly any way you see fit to accommodate your Packet Pick Up.


  • Declare approved Bib Range per each Race
  • Declare approved Bib Range per each Reg Choice
  • Redesign of the Volunteer Kiosk Configuration Screen – Now broken into 2 columns
  • PDF Waiver Defect Fix – Some special characters were preventing PDFs from being compiled correctly

Volunteer Kiosk Configuration

  • By default Launch will be set to Accept All Bib Numbers. Simply choose the option you want in the 2nd column.
  • After selecting how you want to divide up your Bibs, fill out your ranges and click save.


Volunteer Kiosk 

Upon looking up an Entry, Volunteers are given the opportunity to assign a Bib.

If the Bib is out of range, the Volunteer will be prevented from saving and associating that Bib to the Entry.

Further Release Notes


  • Existing Users will be prompted there is a new version. Simply follow the links Launch presents to you or download here:
  • If you do not see the new options, you may need to clear you cache. Here are some helpful shortcuts:
  • If you have previous Events downloaded to your Launch machine prior to updating, you will need to remove the Event and re-download it in order to see all your Races and Reg Choices.
  • Stay tuned for another upcoming Launch update that will help prevent Active Tag users from assigning dead or low powered tags to Athletes.

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