Release Notes

Map Tracking – Ability To Upload Course Maps

You’ve likely seen it previewed and talked about in our Product Showcases, but now Map Tracking is getting closer and closer to getting in your hands! We’re really excited to see this feature used, but we want to do it right and make sure you know exactly how it will behave before you promise it to your next big Event.

We have a few more small pieces to release before we’re in full “Preview Mode,” but we think it’s still important to let everyone know where we are with this project. Scroll down for more info.


What this release includes:

  • This very first release allows you to upload a Course Map. However, uploading a Course Map will NOT mean that spectators and athletes will be able to access it immediately afterward.
  • Anyone who can access the Course tab in CT Live will now have the ability to upload a Course Map. Course Maps can be .KML or .GPX files. Learn about creating maps here.
  • When a Course Map is uploaded, we automatically overlay Timing Points on-top of the map based on a TP’s distance from start.
  • Our map processor automatically reprocesses Course Maps as Timing Points are added or adjusted.
  • Original Map Files can be downloaded after they have been uploaded.
  • Map Files can also be removed from a CT Live Course after they have been uploaded. Doing so would effectively turn Map Tracking off.
  • A “View on Map” button will show up on an athlete’s Individual Result Page in Athlinks IF a map is present AND someone from Athlinks has turned Map Tracking on for that Event.

What outstanding releases are in development:

  • Upon uploading a Course Map you are currently presented with our previous Map Tracking’s preview of the “processed” Course Map. We want the preview to look exactly like what Athletes will be seeing, and have an update in development.
  • We want our Event Directors and Timers to be able to “View Athlete on Map” without needing to turn Map Tracking on for the entire field of athletes and spectators. Stay tuned for ways that allow only you to see an athlete on a map.

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