Release Notes

Multiple CT Live Defects

CT Live – Custom Question Attribute Report Now Functioning as expected

  • The Standard Custom Question Attribute Report is now properly pulling column headers and reporting from the custom question responses provided in the event.
  • Multi-option Answers have ceased replication many times over; the number selected now reports consistent data per the multi-option name.

Note: This was not event-wide, but is now be working for all events

New Zip Code Added to CT Live DB: 75072

ZIP code 75072 (Stonebridge, McKinney TX) is now recognized in the CT Live database.

CrowdRise: Validation is fixed

  • We fixed an issue with CrowdRise so that your CrowdRise’s Event URL is easier to validate on order for proper Team syncing.

Custom Question Reporting

  • Custom Question integrity has been improved. In certain situations admins were able to edit Custom Questions post-creation which could affect the accuracy of their Reporting. We have since made improvements so that this is no longer possible. Our new update prevents Admins from using ‘spaces’ as an acceptable reporting ID.

Credit Card CVC Validation

  • For credit cards other than American Express, we now only accept 3 digit CVC numbers. Previously, users who entered in 4 numbers for a 3 CVC number would have a declined card.

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