Release Notes

New Email Campaigns

We’ve updated our Email Campaign feature due to SendGrid, our email provider, enforcing integration changes. Now when you navigate under the Email tab, you will see a new ‘Senders’ sub-tab. A sender is the ‘From’ & ‘Reply To’ email address associated with your email campaigns.


Please review step by step instructions HERE.


Important changes: 

Senders must be verified on SendGrid. Admin users can do this by using the login details provided in the ‘Verify Sender’ action that will appear in the sender details upon creation.


Unsubscribing will work on a per sender basis. If an email recipient choses to unsubscribe from an email campaign, it will unsubscribe them from ALL emails associated with that sender. We recommend keeping senders relevant to the nature of your email campaign. For example, use a different sender for campaigns that provide important race day information to registered athletes verses an email blast encouraging new athletes to register for an upcoming event.

The Unsubscribe option is in the footer of all email campaigns:


Importing statistics data is not available via SendGrid’s new campaign functionality. We are working on providing a solution and will have more information soon.



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