Release Notes

Bulk Edit Tag Reads from the Athlete’s Timing Tab

Making changes to an Entry’s time is now more efficient than ever. When viewing an Entry’s Timing Tab, you now have 2 presentation options. In short, you can do ALL your editting to an Entry’s times in a single session; without having to wait for a recalc after each modification.

  • View Mode
    • Narrowed focus on the Course
    • Displays Time and Usage
  • Edit Mode
    • Expanded Course view
    • Detailed Tag Read Information
    • Classic Manual Tag Read button
      • We’ve also added the ability to simply click the green Timing Point Target instead of clicking the  + Tag Read button
    • Rescore Athlete (marks all tags as ‘New’)
    • Clear Results button
    • Save Changes button (will rescore the Entry after modifications have been saved)
  • Other notes:
    • We removed the Use Gun Time button because you can now make multiple Skips without recalculating
    • We removed the Remove All Manual Reads button because you can now Remove multiple reads without recalculating

    And as always, check out our Knowledge-base for more information



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