Release Notes

OCR Photo Tagging End of Beta – Price Increase

In early November, we released the new OCR Bib Tagging feature in CT Live that allows easy sync of photos not taken in conjunction with timing data. The feature was in beta, so we offered it for free while we allowed our users to test the tool and provide feedback. After two months of feedback and improvements, we’re taking the tool out of beta and introducing its planned pricing structure.

Now, when you use the OCR tool, a fee of $0.01 USD will apply to each photo tagged. The total charge for each OCR tagging job will be summarized before you start the job as shown here:


After a job is completed, the new Photo Tagging Charges report will automatically be added to the Financial section of the Reports tab. This report will show details on each job including total cost, statistics on photos tagged successfully, and the user who initiated the tagging job.

The cost will be billed to the Event Organizer for the event.


To learn more about the OCR tool, see our Knowledge Base article HERE.

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