Release Notes

Official Release: Fusion Version 3.4.6

Fusion Version 3.4.6 is officially available for Download!

Here are some things that you may want to know about the version:

  1. Updated Tech Stack to use Electron
  2. Improved memory usage of the application
  3. Added new design to enhance User Experience 
  4. “Add Event” enhancements
  5. “Race View” enhancements

Additional content will be published in the next week, with more detail on each of the features above.

There are a few known issues to address with the latest version:

  1. Windows Users need to manually delete their old versions of Fusion using the Add/Remove Program Functionality built into Windows:
  2. If a data stream connection errors out, you must rewind the stream before trying again
  3. Some CSV/MRK files are not able to be manually loaded (this is a rare case): to fix, restart Fusion
  4. ChronoSync’s are not recognized by Fusion in this version 

We will be releasing a follow-up version to fix these issues in the coming weeks.

If you are interested in the latest version, please go to the Downloads section in the Timers Portal to download today!

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