Release Notes

Recently Released: Fusion Remote View, Public Beta

Introducing the latest from our Fusion middleware: Remote View for Pro2 Controllers, available today for Public Beta testing. 

With the introduction of ChronOS Version and Fusion Beta Version 3.5.9, you now have the ability to remotely monitor the following:

  • Battery Status
  • Power Source
  • Reader Status
  • Connected Antennas
  • Immediate Mode
  • Alert Messages

How To Enable and Use

App_»_ChronoTrack_Customer_Portal-1In order to successfully deploy Remote View you will need to have updated versions of our Pro2 ChronOS Beta firmware, as well as the latest version of our Fusion software, Version 3.5.9. By downloading the latest versions you will automatically have the tools you need to utilize Remote View. (If you are not interested in Remote View at this time, please continue operating Fusion Version 3.4.6.)

All downloads can be found by visiting the Downloads section on the ChronoTrack Timers Portal.

Everything you need to know about How to Enable and Use Remote View can be found in our dedicated KnowledgeBase article, link above.

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