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Sunsetting CTLive Mobile Widget due to GDPR Requirements

Due to the requirements put in place by the new GDPR implementation, we have a non-compliant exposure on data collection on our CTLIVE Mobile Widget. More specifically, this legacy 5+ year technology stack limits our organizations ability to message to the mobile device end user the necessary prompts that are in full GDPR compliance.

As a result, we will be sunsetting our CT LIVE Results & Media MOBILE Widget in order to comply. Athletes hitting the ChronoTrack LIVE Results & Media widget on their mobile device will be auto-forwarded to the Athlinks Results & Media platforms. End-users accessing the ChronoTrack LIVE Results & Media widget on a desktop will experience no impact and will remain in full GDPR compliance as they continue to navigate ChronoTrack LIVE Results & Media platform.

Key Points:
  • CTLIVE Mobile Widget no longer accessible to end users
  • Athletes using a mobile device while accessing the ChronoTrack LIVE Results & Media Widget will be automatically redirected to the Athlinks Results & Media platform
  • CT LIVE Results & Media access on desktop will remain the same and is compliant
  • Athlinks Platform is GDPR compliant
  • Athlinks Platform is mobile-friendly and delivers more features
Why forward to Athlinks Platform?

Over the past two years, our Technology team has made significant investment into the Athlinks Platform as our primary method of hosting results & media. We have engineered it specifically for mobile device users, whether utilizing our responsive browser or Athlinks native app. Therefore, we have made a choice in our collective interest to NOT expose users to the ChronoTrack LIVE Results & Media platform on a mobile device, in absence of the CTLIVE Mobile Widget, but rather delight them on the Athlinks mobile compatible platform and GDPR compliance.

Why Athlinks is better for your Mobile Device Users

The Athlinks platform on mobile device delivers so much more. Your users, athletes & spectators, will now be able to:

  • Access, preview and download generic or custom submitted finisher certificates
  • Download race photography .jpg files to mobile device
  • Download race video .mp4 files to mobile device
  • View and click sponsor logos
  • Share their Individual Results Page via our Facebook hotlink
  • Claim Result- exclusive to Athlinks Members
Screenshots of Athlinks Mobile Results:

Screenshots of the CTLive Mobile Widget:

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