The Best-In-Class Race Day Collaboration

Guaranteed to bring the best of registration, scoring and results together. Race Directors and Timers will now be able to take advantage of industry leading technologies for an exceptional customer experience. See how it works below!


• Create an event and open registration in minutes on RunSignup. 

• Select a Premier ChronoTrack Timing Partner to Time and Score your event.

• Instantly start taking advantage of registration features such as Race CRM, Fundraising and Donation Management, and Race Insights.

• Invite your entire team to help manage your registration.


• ChronoTrack Timers are notified that they have been granted access to the recently created event.

• Timers can immediately begin configuring their Timing Hardware and Scoring Software using the world’s best cloud-based solution, ChronoTrack Live. 



• Manual importing and exporting Athlete data is a thing of the past! Registrations become instantly available in ChronoTrack Live.

• Athletes immediately appear in their corresponding Start Lists on Athlinks, complete with proper divisioning.

• Any and all changes made in RunSignup propagate down to the Timer’s preferred scoring software, ChronoTrack Live or RaceDirector. No more last minute emails with messy CSV’s.


• Your event will be backed by the world’s most widely used and trusted suite of Hardware products, effortlessly integrated with ChronoTrack Live Scoring Software.

• Single-use Bib Tags (RFID tech enabled) are used at events like the NYC Marathon, Peachtree, Miami Marathon and are so thin Athletes won’t even know they are wearing one. No bulky foam required!

From MudRuns to Triathlons, any race can be timed with our Active Tag technology. 

Middleware technology like Fusion Remote View gives you the ability to monitor equipment from anywhere in the world.


• Athlinks automatically updates Split data and Live Results uploads right as they occur. 

• Those same results fuel Map Tracking and allow Spectators to easily follow along on Race Day. 

• Results are claimed on and in the Athlinks Mobile App so Athletes they can keep all their accomplishments in one place.

• Allow for Sponsors and Event Organizers to engage with Athletes via Newsfeed, Custom Finisher Certificates, Branded Photos and Logo Overlays.

How to Get Started Today

If you’re interested in learning more about the fully integrated collaboration between RunSignup and ChronoTrack, please fill out the form below. A dedicated member of our Team will get back to your inquiry in no time. 

If you are a Timer or Race Director and you’d like to speak with someone from our Sales Team immediately, give us a call at 855-709-4555.

If you are an Athlete (or a fan of an Athlete), Click Here for questions and the fastest response from our Athlete Support Team.

Our Promise to You

All customers can expect their experience with existing timing and scoring products to not only improve, but for this seamless integration to pave the way for new and exciting joint product innovation. Corral Validation, Smart Competitive Data and Analytic Dashboards are just a few of the collective development efforts already in flight.