Event Series are an excellent way to drive registrations by offering discounts for multi-event registration. With the multi-event registration system offered through ChronoTrack Live, getting started is very easy.

Series registration was designed specifically to support quick registration of multiple events and allow for discounting. Thus, several features that are found at the event-level are unavailable through series registration. If your event is heavily dependent on these features, using the traditional single-event registration link may be best. Features not support by default include:

  • Conditional custom question logic
  • Standard donation or t-shirt questions
  • Registration Refund
  • Teams
  • Coupons including Membership
  • Emergency Contact Information

In order to set up Multi-Event Registration using an Event Series, you must have Event Director account access for the Organization under which the Events you want to place in the Series were created. If you do not have Event Director access, please contact reguspport@chronotrack.com to get permissions set up.

Additionally, each Event that is to be used in the Series must be fully configured with all Registration aspects including Pricing, Waivers, and Custom Questions and must have a live Registration Form version BEFORE attempting to add it to the Series.

You can add additional Events to the Series or remove Events from a Series at any time.

Learn more about how to set up multi-event registration here.

Contact your Regional Manager if you are already a ChronoTrack customer to see if multi-event registration will meet your needs.

Or contact a member of our sales team here if you’re new to ChronoTrack to learn more.