Last month we added some enhancements to the Confirmed Entries report to help you manipulate your data to more quickly view important information about your participants. In addition to the filters for race and entry status, we created filters for gender, t-shirt size, coupon codes, and team names.

Now we’re nearly done with our new reporting dashboard interface with new reporting tools to help you better understand and manage your events.

Here is a preview of the new dashboard:



As you can see, the dashboard is a significant departure from our existing event dashboard. We’ve created a graphic-intensive interface with line charts, bar charts, pie-charts, tables, and an interactive map that summarizes important data points about your events.

We have also created global filters for gender, age bracket, location, race name, and time. No more exporting the standard confirmed entries to find out how many females from Minneapolis signed up in the last 7 days for your 5K race!

In addition, if you have linked the prior year’s event to the current year’s event, you will then see the percentage change for Confirmed Entries and Net Due as a year-over-year (“YoY”) figure.

By the way, we also have a mobile version of the dashboard.

We plan to roll the dashboards out the beginning of July and look forward to receiving your feedback!

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