Phase 1 of Event Landing Pages

Today we launched Phase 1 of our new event landing pages, built to help promote your events with an athlete-first approach. These pages are a great way to share your event details with athletes and grow your event via our Athlinks community of 550,000+ members. Registration links are designed and strategically placed on the page to drive optimal conversions. And the “Invite Friends” button will help with organic exposure and growth of your event. What better way to grow your event than through your fans getting their friends involved? That’s sure to add to their positive experience at your event.

You’ll see a new, unique “START LIST” link on these event landing pages at launch. Athlinks members can see a list of other members registered for an event in advance, along with information about the athletes like Athlinks rank, number of races, event distance PR, average time for event distance, and goal for the event. As events continue to become more social, we’re now ready to deliver an unparalleled experience for you, your clients, your sponsors and most importantly, your participants.

Check out the 2017 Miami Marathon & Half Marathon page here and the screenshot below:


ChronoTrack Event landing page

Who can use these pages:

This phase is currently available to ChronoTrack Live registration customers only. Once we’ve rolled out the product to all of our customers, we’ll open up similar pages to non-ChronoTrack Live registration customers as well. Phase 1 is great for our customers with smaller events that don’t have a website and want something more than a Facebook page to promote their events. Events that already have a web presence will still find this a viable, free option to list their event and grow it organically through the power of Athlinks.

How it Works:

The pages can be created in just a few minutes within the ChronoTrack Live interface. Information for our customers can be found in the help section of ChronoTrack Live. You’ll also see information upon first logging in to ChronoTrack Live after the launch that will direct you to the help documentation. You’ll see a new tab (see screenshot below) in the product where you can input your information.


CT Live event landing page

Phase 1 features include:

  1. Event branding: Add your logo for consistent branding of your event.
  2. Event photo: Add a photo of your event to help tell your event experience story.
  3. Registration links: You don’t need to do anything here. Individual links to each of your race options, along with a link to page one of your registration path are all strategically placed to drive registrations.
  4. Invite Friends link: This link opens up a box for interested athletes to make a comment and share a link to your event with their Facebook friends in just two clicks.
  5. Event overview: Talk about what makes your event unique, post expo info, link to other information like a merchandise store or volunteer info here.
  6. Event details: Here your participants will find a list of other Athlinks members registered for your event, race day weather (from, all results from years past (auto-filled through Athlinks), along with links to the organizer and timer websites, if applicable and desired. If you have a social presence or an official website, this is where you’ll add this info, too.
  7. Race day schedule: Make sure everyone knows what time each of your different races starts to make sure everyone gets to the start line on time.

Phase 2:

These pages will be changing often, so stay tuned for future enhancements like course maps, social media feed integration, vanity URLs, and an event photo gallery. As we build out these pages you’ll have more ways to customize your page to meet the needs of you event.

The next phase will launch in the next few weeks. Expect to see the following features with the next update:

  • Host course maps: Give your participants or spectators access to your course(s) at their fingertips.
  • Robust schedule: Share details about your important race-related times in an easy showcase for your participants and spectators.
  • Locations: Point your users to packet-pickup, pasta dinner, the finish line, and everything in between.

Learn more:

Customers: Please contact your Account Manager or Customer Service for more information on using these new pages.

Non-Customers: If you would like to learn more about ChronoTrack and our event landing pages, contact us here.