ChronoTrack Live’s new team scoring functionality simplifies team scoring while delivering a more meaningful live services experience for your athletes.  No more exporting, formatting, and re-uploading teams to get accurate scores.  Events like Vermont City Marathon and Oklahoma City Marathon are already using it.  Key benefits include:

  • Simplifying data management: Team registration data flows directly into scoring. Use registration brackets to ensure that team data remains accurate from beginning to end.
  • More accurate reporting: Race Directors and Timers can now access team reports and not have individual registration reports impacted by team entries.
  • Improved Live Services experience for athletes:  Athletes and teams can now both take full advantage of CT-Live’s tracking and media services such as Facebook, SMS Athlete Updates, Tweets, and synced photos / videos.

So how does this all help?

VALUE TO TIMERS: Timers were doing work-arounds with the existing system in the past.  This was time-consuming and left room for user error.  The manual work associated with the work-arounds has been eliminated.  Now timers can score relay and aggregate teams without that additional work the night before the race.

Ultimately, the timer is providing a better results solution to both the race director and the individual athletes with less work on his/her end.  Higher customer satisfaction means repeat business.

VALUE TO RACE DIRECTORS: New checks and balances are in place to make sure people/teams are in the correct bracket, leading to more accurate results and a smoother race day experience for everyone. Teams can be managed on the back end through ChronoTrack Live and reports can be easily run and manipulated to track team activity.

VALUE TO ATHLETES: Athletes can search individual and overall team results for relay teams.  This means more personal data for athletes to walk away with. (Aggregate results can be found in timer-only reports. Team relay results are accessible via the online interface).  Athletes/spectators can now track individual and relay team live results as the race is happening (vs just seeing how the team overall is doing).

Already a partner?  Check out the detailed documentation in the “Downloads” folder on the Timer’s Portal (in the ChronoTrack Live subfolder)  or contact your Regional Manager.

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