We’re pretty pumped to introduce our newest ChronoTrack Live feature release: Org-Wide Coupons. What’s so exciting about this new feature? A lot!

Org-Wide Coupons allow an organization to issue a percent discount on registration across multiple events, all with one simple set up. What’s more, the feature lets you get extra creative when offering incentives to potential registrants. That’s right—the Org-Wide Coupons feature creates efficiency for you, plus more reasons than ever for athletes to enter your events. Now that’s what we call #winning.

Here’s how the new feature works. First, there’s one caveat: you must use the Reg Classes feature to group reg choices across your Org’s events. You can learn how to set it up here.

Now, onto those killer Org-Wide Coupons. Let’s say your organization owns fifteen different 5k races. The new Org-Wide Coupons feature allows you to issue a percent discount that is valid on any/all of those fifteen 5ks. Boom! Instead of setting up fifteen different 25% off coupons (boring!), you just created a single 25% off coupon that works for each of your 5k events (look who’s saving time now!).

And, let’s say you want to branch out with the offers you share with athletes. Rather than promote the same-old sale that everyone’s come to expect (25% off the July 4th Firecracker 5k), you can make a big, bold move that sets your race organization apart (Register within the next 24 hours and receive 25% off any 5k race this season!). Or, create a 10% discount on any race you own as a reward for volunteers who donate 10+ hours of their time. The creative options are limitless.

Let’s recap. Org-Wide Coupons translate to less admin time and greater registration incentives. Like we said, #winning.

Here are a few important tips for using Org-Wide Coupons:

  • Remember, you must set up Reg Classes first, before you can use the new feature. Learn how here.
  • Once you have Reg Classes set up, go to Org Wide > Coupons tab and select Create Org-Wide Coupon.
  • Create your coupon in three easy steps:
    • Input basic info
    • Input discount amount (note: discounts must be in percentages, rather than in dollar amounts)
    • Create coupon code
  • You can view eligible Org-Wide Coupons within your events under Registration > Coupons tab

It’s really that easy. So what are you waiting for? Get after it and get those awesome special offer incentives started bringing in more business today!