Working with race sponsors is a hot topic with a lot to understand. And there’s certainly a lot of information out there to be found. But wouldn’t it be great if someone just put all the information you need in one pretty package? We thought the same thing! So we did our research, called on some sponsorship experts, and put together this ultimate Guide to Working with Sponsors for Race Directors. This free guide brings it all together in one place without overwhelming the reader. Plus, we’ve got a few chapters written from the race sponsors’ point of view to really help readers get into the minds of your target audience.

The guide covers the gamut of race sponsor planning, from looking at what race sponsorship means, to attracting and keeping your sponsors. There’s definitely a lot of work involved in this aspect of your race. But if you take some time upfront to put a thoughtful plan together based on everyone’s needs, execute and track what you’re doing, then report back in a meaningful way you’ll find success for years to come. If you do it right the first time, you’ll alleviate the uncertainties of where future sponsorship dollars will come from by keeping your existing sponsors happy.

In the free guide to working with race sponsors, race directors will learn:

  1. The “what”, “why & “who” of race sponsorship
  2. How to use data in sponsor relations
  3. How to attract sponsors
  4. How to keep your sponsors’ loyalty
  5. Top 10 sponsor pet peeves
  6. How to write a kick-ass race report
  7. How to make media sponsorship work

Download the free guide to working with race sponsors here.