With all the recent innovations and upgrades to Athlinks.com and Athlinks Services, it only makes sense that we’ve also updated the Athlinks Mobile App. The new and improved App is unique in the endurance sports market, and delivers all the awesome functionality of Athlinks.com, in a personalized, pocket-sized package.

Now, your Athletes can access their results, find and register for races, and interact with the Athlinks community, all in the palm of their hands. Plus, we’re thrilled to share a fantastic new feature (added to both desktop and mobile) that we think you’ll agree is a great opportunity to organically increase registrations. Now, Athletes have the ability to easily view their friends’ upcoming races—a valuable new tool for event discovery. Imagine this: “It looks like Elyse is doing the Moab Trail Half Marathon in November. That sounds like a really cool event—and it would be so much fun to train and race together. I’m going to check it out and register, too!”

The enhanced Athlinks App offers all the features of Athlinks.com, with a greatly improved user interface and visual display, including:

  • Athlete profiles—results and personal performance stats, right in hand
  • Opportunities to connect and engage with friends and rivals—Athletes can view friends’ upcoming events, post cheers and comments, and keep close tabs on competitors’ results
  • Event discovery—Athletes can easily find their next event the moment inspiration hits
  • Event registration—eliminate barriers to entry by making it simple and speedy for Athletes to sign up on the spot
  • Ability to claim results—enable Athletes to own and share their accomplishments, immediately
  • Marketing opportunities—help sponsors maximize their investment in your event with unique branding initiatives

friends and rivalsAs you can see, the improved App is designed to better serve your Athletes—and in turn, you and your event partners—by delivering a fully functional, mobile-optimized, mini version of all the incredible features that Athlinks now offers. And it’s the only App on the market that is truly Athlete focused, providing assets and advantages to keep your Athletes informed, connected, logged in, and fired up!

We’re thrilled to offer the updated App as part of our robust suite of Athlinks products and services that help to make every step of the Athlete journey more engaging and fun. We hope you’ll recognize the App as a valuable tool to enhance the ease of finding and registering for your event, share your sponsor messaging in new and impactful ways, and fuel your Athletes’ excitement and motivation with information and opportunities for connection that appeal to them and enhance their overall experience before, during, and after your race.

The Athlinks App is available for download on iOS and Android, so help us spread the word to your Athletes today!