As an Athlinks partner, we rely on you to help share the Athlinks message—but we hardly expect you to go it alone. That’s why we created Athlinks Marketing in a Box, an easy-to-use collection of marketing tools to help you communicate the benefits of Athlinks to your participants and encourage them to join our community.

Marketing takes time and effort—resources that are in short supply in an already-busy race organizer’s schedule. So we developed turnkey marketing assets that let you share the Athlinks love, as easily and effectively as possible.

Here’s what you’ll find in the “Box” (accessed via this link):

  • Plug and play curated images, content and CTA buttons – formatted for web, email and social media applications
  • Stand-alone images, plain text copy and Athlinks approved logos and fonts
  • Assets in multiple file formats
  • Pre-race and post-race specific messaging
  • A cheat sheet of quick and easy talking points about Athlinks

Depending on your preferences (and your available time), you can opt to use the marketing assets “as is” by dropping them directly into your marketing channels (website, emails, newsletters and social media). Or, you can customize the content, changing it up to include race-specific details and to better match your event’s brand voice.

Aside from the plug and play assets to enhance your digital communications, we recognize that oftentimes you need just a simple way to answer questions like, “What is Athlinks, anyway?” and “Why should I join Athlinks?” That’s where the talking points cheat sheet comes into play. Here’s a preview, in case you need something ASAP to explain why athletes will love Athlinks, before you even open the “Box”:

  • GET RACE RESULTS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS—at home or on the go
  • CREATE YOUR ATHLETE PROFILE—keep a digital record of ALL your endurance achievements
  • CONNECT WITH FRIENDS—amp up the social aspect to make races more fun 
  • SEARCH THE EVENT DATABASE—find events you’ll love

It really is that simple!

Think of Athlinks Marketing in a Box as an at-the-ready tool kit, available whenever you need it, and easy to use in whatever way you choose. We’re confident you’ll find the contents simple to employ and effective, and that they’ll get you fired up to share all that Athlinks has to offer. And if you need help with something that you don’t see included, don’t hesitate to contact us. It’s a win-win for us all.