A few months ago we announced the first releases of our ChronoTrack Live overhaul to ChronoTrack Live 2.0. We started with aesthetic enhancements to our admin.chronotrack Events Home Page and have now moved into revamping many other pages. Please note, the release of CT Live 2.0 will continue to roll out in stages and as it stands, is still considered a BETA product. Until the official release of the new product, Users will continue to have the option of switching back to the original CT Live pages for day-to-day timing and scoring operations. 

As of today, we are excited to announce three new additions to the overhaul: 

  • Event Dashboards (Event Property Dashboards)
  • Athlete Search – Inline Editing, Combined Athlete Pages, Changelogs
  • Athlete Media – Photo Preview & Tag Editing

Overall, most of the enhancements you will see are what we are considering a “face-lift”. The general flow and functionality of the pages you are accustomed to in CT Live 1.0 will remain and operate the same, however, we have updated the User Design and Experience. That being said, there are a few improved functionality features as well. Check out the new pages and features below:

Event Dashboards

Overall functionality improvements:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Removed negative space = more real estate for additional features on-page
  • Added more Analytics on Dashboards

Athlete Search

Overall functionality improvements:

  • Navigation Menu Bar  – responsive, hideable, never leaves sidebar
  • Column sorting
  • Fewer Page Reloads
  • Quicker way to search and edit Athletes Data
  • Presents as much relevant information as possible
  • Inline editing (see below)

Athlete Search: Inline Editing
Anything on the page that is underlined will have inline editing functionality: – entry status, DOB, gender, bib, tag (more editable columns to come).

Users will have the ability to edit and save: 

  • Edit individual Athlete categories – Entry status, DOB, gender, bib, tag (more editable columns to come)
  • Edit rows of individual Athletes 
  • Edit entire sheet/page of data for all Athletes   


Athlete Search: Combined Athlete Pages
New Combined Athlete Pages will display the following collapsible and expandable fields and will also be navigable on the Menu Bar to the left of the screen.

  • Athlete
  • Race
  • Registration Information 
  • Timing – quick stats released, feature parity (compared to CT Live 1.0) is still to come

Features such as Athlete Updates, Athlete Changelogs, Account Info and Media will have their own dedicated fields under the navigation bar. In addition, never worry about having to reload pages to find a new Athlete, as the Athlete Search Bar is a permanent Combined Athlete Page fixture.

Athlete Search: Changelogs
Within CT Live 2.0, users will have the ability to view Athlete Change Logs. These changelogs will display the following information: 

  • Who made the change 
  • What time the change was made 
  • What data field was changed 

Athlete Media 

Photo Preview & Tag Editing
In the Athlete section of CT Live 2.0, users can now preview Photos and add/remove tags. 


Events Page and Event Creation 

The first noticeable change occurs when you visit the My Events page, you’ll notice a button that says “Try NEW CT Live 2.0”. When you click this button, the new My Events page will appear. You can switch back to CT Live 1.0 using the link that replaced the 2.0 button.

This update makes the My Events page responsive, meaning it can resize to fit smaller screens. It also comes in Light or Dark Mode which you can toggle at the top of the screen. New basic event filtering and sorting functionality has been added, and the My Users and My Orgs buttons have been added as links in the new Sidebar. We’ve also updated the sorting logic on the CT Live 2.0 My Events page to include all events when sorting is done. Events will now always default to sorting by date (most to least recent).

Event Creation

Lastly, we’ve overhauled the Create Event process, applying the new design scheme and streamlining the whole process down to 5 steps: 

  1. Add Event Organizer
  2. Add Event Location
  3. Find a Timer
  4. Add Event Landing Page
  5. Add ChronoTrack Live Services

All registration and tax and payment elements have been removed from the event creation process and placed in the Registration tab of CT Live (only when using CT Live 2.0). So if you don’t intend to take payment through CT Live registration, you never have to fill any of that information in for the Event.

User Feedback

Based on excellent feedback from users trying out the new CT Live 2.0, we’ve released a batch of updates and fixes to the My Events page. Some of the “new” features introduced to 2.0 are ones present in 1.0 that our users really missed!

Here’s a list of all the changes we introduced and reintroduced with the first release:

  • Add event ID in front of event name
  • Added back the Athletes (registered) totals per event
  • Added the “Time Frame” dropdown back so users can now filter by Upcoming, Live, or Past events
  • Made the ChronoTrack logo clickable. Clicking it now directs users back to the My Events page
  • Fixed a visual issue with the logo and Light/Dark mode toggles repeating
  • Added ‘My Orgs’ back into left navigation
  • Moved the “Back to CT Live 2.0” link next to the ChronoTrack logo
  • Reduced the size of the animated spinner icon that displays when clicking various buttons
  • Added color to the background of filter dropdowns when expanded
  • Adjusted the effects of the shadow on input fields 
  • Fixed the Cookie warning to be visually consistent with 1.0

All that being said, we continue to seek feedback from our users to make this product even better! If you have any questions, comments, feedback, etc., please send your inquiries to ChronoTrack Product Manager, Micah Rennels at mrennels@chronotrack.com.