For all our timers out there, our Classic Data Suite 0.6.0 is now officially in public beta. We just launched it a week ago and already 22 people have installed it to take it for a spin. We’ve solved some “edge case” issues with this version that had popped up here and there, and threw in some new features along the way.

Here’s the top 3 list of what’s new:

  • Enhanced Iconography and Readability: That means a better interface for SimpleClient that’s easier to understand.
  • Added Support for A-Transactions: A-Transaction reads supported by the MiniTrack, BoxScore 3.0, and Controller 2.0 are now officially supported for non-server use-cases.
  • More Features Working Together: Additive Time Shift and Min/Max Accepted Time now work together.

What does this all mean? Ultimately, you now have enhanced usability AND stability for both CCS Lite and SimpleClient.

To take part in the public beta: click here for the installer and Quick Start guide.

To learn more about ChronoTrack, contact us.