We just dropped a huge update to our Data Checks! We all know one of the biggest benefits of using ChronoTrack Live is that all of your data stays in one place. This means that the integrity of your data stays pure as from registration to results. Keeping data inside of ChronoTrack Live is one of the best ways to prevent corrupt data. With the latest release of Data Checks, we have created a suite of tools to help maximize your time and ensure everything goes as planned leading up to, and on race day. This latest update comes with loads of features, flexibility, user interface improvements, and is designed to be used throughout the duration of your entire Event. I hope you guys enjoy the new updates, and let us know what you think!

Better Organization

With all of the additional checks we’ve added, there was a need to better organize them all. Data Checks have been divided up into 4 different categories:

  • Entries – These checks apply to both Athletes and Teams
  • Athletes – These checks only apply to Athletes
  • Teams – These checks only apply to Teams
  • Results – These checks are specific to Results and Timers

Pro-tip: Categories are triple click enabled:

  • 1st Click – Open all data checks for a category
  • 2nd Click – Only show data checks that have issues
  • 3rd Click – Close category window



Expanded Data coverage

There are 9 new default Data Checks that are Teams specific in addition to some newly added Results data checks:

  • Team – Relay Members With Bib
  • Team – Individual on Team Team – Members Without Team
  • Team – Aggregate Teams With Bib Team – Without Captain
  • Team – Without Members Team – Too many members Team – Age Issues
  • Team – Gender Identity Issues Results – Missing read
  • Results – Race Jumper (formerly Cheater Mat)
  • Data_Checks-Chronotrack_Race_Registration_Software_2


    Sometimes a Data Check will return something that is’t necessarily wrong, and you may wish to ignore that row (so it doesn’t pop up every time you run the check). Examples of this would be a false duplicate runner with the same name, or an Athlete with an unrealistic pace. You now have the ability to ignore entries for any of the data checks; but don’t worry, you can still see those entries and unignore them if you need; just simply click the hidden tab.



    Have you ever wanted to sort all your data in a data check by the contents of a column? Now you can! Simply click the header of a column to sort all data by ascending or descending values.


    Data Checks spreenshot 4


    At one point in time, data checks could only isolate and flag entries; there was never a way to make large bulk change to entries you select. Making changes one by one is cumbersome, and tedious. Now, depending on the data check, you will have the ability to make mass changes to a large amount of athletes all at once without the need to export or import.




    Most Reports have the ability for you to click the ID number of an entry so you can swiftly be navigated to that entries specific entry-tab.



    Check Inspector

    Ever wonder what a specific Data Check is actually checking? Click the Check Inspector button to get detailed information for each of the data checks. Check Inspector also lets you know what columns are returned and what capabilities you have with each of them.




    We know that not all races are created equally, and you as a Timer may need to create a custom check for a specific Race or Timing Point. You now have the ability to add custom checks to your event. Currently the only 2 data checks that are available are Missing Read and Race Jumper (formerly a Cheater Mat). These checks are both customizable and are Timing Point specific.



    This entire feature was built to G-R-O-W. If there is a data check that you think needs to be added, let us know so we can add it in. Feel free to give us your feedback, and if you have suggestions send them to nwiegand@chronotrack.com.

    Not already using ChronoTrack Live?