The registration refund offer from Transamerica is a great way to drive early registration while helping participants with the unexpected. At no cost to you, athletes can get a refund if they can’t attend due to unforeseen events such as injury or illness.

The athlete gets 100% reimbursement of the registration fee and you keep 100% of the revenue for their registration. Keep reading for information on how to get the full details.

Enable and Configure Reg Refund

To turn this on, go to the Event tab in your Event and select Event Properties, then click the Other menu item from the dropdown. Locate the Registration Refund Insurance item and select it. Click Save & Close to finalize the change.

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Now you can go to the Registration tab, and select Registration Refund from the drop down on the far right. Then simply select the Enable Registration Refund option to turn it on, and view additional program details.

To fully configure the Registration Refund feature, you should complete the following steps:

1. Select the Registration Form that Refund Insurance will be offered on.
2. Determine which Reg Choices the Refund Insurance will be applied to.
3. Review and familiarize yourself with the Program Details. You can view the complete Terms of Service by clicking the link just above the Save button.
4. Remember to click Save to finalize any changes.

* You must release a new Registration Form before changes to the Registration Refund options will be put into effect.

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A couple additional details:

– The cost to the athlete is automatically set depending on your race fee and changes as your race fees increase. The cost ranges from a minimum of $4 to a maximum of $24.

– Promoting this to your athletes will encourage them to sign up when they aren’t sure about the condition of an injury, so promoting its availability helps your events.

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