Finding the perfect gift for each person on your list for the holiday season can be a challenge! When your mom, brother or boss just won’t tell you what’s on their list, you’re left playing the guessing game. Athlinks Services has just the solution!

With the Athlinks Services Gift Certificate feature, YOU have the power to position your event as the holiday gift solution. By offering and promoting Gift Certificates as a registration option, you can help your customers give the gift of health this year.

Hassle Free Activation

Don’t worry, your Athletes aren’t the only ones getting a little more in their stockings this year; enabling Gift Certificates for one or more of your events can be an excellent way to drive added registrations and generate extra revenue.

Our gift to you? A 7 Step process is all it takes to activate the Gift Certificate feature:

Step 1:  Build a NEW Event (cloned off the existing “parent” event you would like to enable this feature for)
Step 2:  Create a Race (or Races, again, cloned off your existing parent event)
Step 3:  Develop Registration Choices and Prices (you guessed it, cloned off the existing parent event)
Step 4: Add a Waiver (We even give you a ‘copy and paste’ example Waiver to use. Can it get any easier??)
Step 5: Create a Custom Question, asking to whom the certificate is being purchased for to help you keep track
Step 6: Make a Guest Pass
Step 7: Release the Registration Form and Publish the Link

Bonus Gift: After enabling and promoting the gift certificate option for your events, your job is done. Once purchasers complete the registration, their confirmation e-mail will arrive with the Guest Pass code listed near the bottom of the e-mail. It will be up to them to distribute the codes to the people for whom they bought. Hands off and hassle free!

guest pass coupon

For more information and photo examples of the steps above, click into our Knowledge Base guide that walks you through the details.

Data Talks

Now, with colder months approaching, it might be intuitive to think that the race season hibernates for the winter. However, based on 2017-18 holiday data from Athlinks, we know that isn’t the case. From cross country skiing to indoor triathlons, to road races and trail runs alike, over 1,700,00 Athletes participated in 11,553 Athlinks Services affiliated events, December through February.

While the statistics above certainly prove that Athletes are still getting out there to compete during the colder months, keep in mind that Gift Certificates don’t have to be limited to just winter events. Engage with customers while gifting is on their mind, but reap the benefits all year long. Enable this option for any event with open registration, including those spring and summer races.

Go Digital

Meet your Athletes where they are this gift giving season (hint: on the couch with their laptops), and promote your certificates the right way. We recommend taking your marketing efforts digital via email and social media. For more ways to promote your events during the holidays, or how to specifically promote Gift Certificates for those events, take a look at our Race Directors Guide to Social Media, as well as our most recent White Paper: How to Market Your Event.

At Athlinks Services, we’re here to make sure you have the tools to make every event and race day a success. As always, with questions or to request more info, feel free to reach out to

Happy Gifting!