With our streamlined Athlinks Services registration platform, athletes will spend less time navigating the registration process, and more time preparing for and enjoying the actual race experience, helping you to maximize attendance for your event.

Let’s face it. No one likes to waste time online (or in line, for that matter)—especially when they can be running, cycling, or simply relaxing. No matter the sophistication of your marketing, athletes are less likely to register for your event if the process is too complicated or time consuming. One too many clicks can cause an interested athlete to delay—or even avoid—registration.

Athlinks Services offers an incredibly streamlined and simple registration path, guaranteed to maximize attendance and get more athletes to your ‘Thank You’ page. Our registration platform can support any type of event, and can make quick work of complex situations like team sign-ups, race series, donations/fundraising, custom registration forms, and more.

Whether or not the participant is an Athlinks member, we have registration options to suit their needs. Athlinks members enjoy the option of single sign-on, wherein their stored information is pre-populated to save time and shorten the registration process immensely. And for the last-minute registrant, we provide easy onsite registration. In fact, we enable you to keep registration open until the gun goes off, eliminating the need to close online registration early to prepare packets, thus allowing you to capture every possible entry.

All registered participants receive an automated confirmation email that you can customize with details for your event, unique referral URLs, and appealing sponsor-supported special offers.

Don’t limit your attendance unnecessarily because registration is too complicated. Start using Athlinks Services today and see how easy it can be to get more people than ever committed to your event.

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