New reporting feature allows easy insight into referral URL use.

A good tool becomes a great tool—or dare we say, an invaluable tool—when you can maximize its use. With our new referral-reporting tool, you can take full advantage of the unique referral URLs created in the confirmation email “Invite Your Friends” feature.

This report tracks each unique referral URL, allowing you to reach out to registrants via targeted emails to remind them to share their URLs and offer incentives to do so. It also shows how often each URL is used, letting you identify top-referring ambassadors for your race.

Why does this information matter? Consider the following scenarios, where you can personalize your marketing approach with each athlete registered for your race, encouraging them to solicit friends and family to join in the fun:

  • Maya registered early on, but hasn’t successfully referred anyone. Shoot Maya a reminder about her referral URL, and sweeten the appeal with a 10% registration discount to share with her friends.
  • Roger can’t wait to race and has already referred three of his buddies. Reach out and let Roger know that if he reaches five referrals, you’ll give him 50% off of a 2018 entry. If he pushes the total to eight, you’ll comp him into next year’s race.
  • Sarah is a referring rock star, with six people already registered using her URL. Let Sarah know how much you appreciate her with an invitation to join your newly formed ambassador club. As a member, she’ll earn special perks and privileges (preferred starting spot, VIP port-a-potties, event swag, etc.) by continuing to refer more people and posting about the event on her on social media channels.

The opportunities are endless for turning the new referral-reporting feature into registration success. After all, knowledge is power—and with the knowledge provided in this report, you’ll have a powerful tool to help boost the bottom line at your next event.

You’ll find this new report, titled “Standard/Event Referrals,” under the Event Reports tab. It’s available for download as a CSV file, making it easy as can be for you to set up an email blast reminder and get those referrals flooding in!

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