It has been over a year since we released Fusion middleware enhancements, and we are excited to announce Fusion Version 3.4.6 is officially available for download! The time spent updating Fusion has led to memory usage efficiencies, design updates and overall functionality improvements.

Lead Product Engineer, Wayne Steidly, speaks to overall memory usage during beta testing, “While running the same tests from before the performance improvement plan, we show roughly 30-50% reduction in memory usage, as well as a reduction of the number of instances that are retained via “soft reference” after a full garbage collection operation. All in all, this means we are using the available memory more efficiently.


Key Features

Updated Tech Stack to use Electron, a current leader in the app-hosting industry:

  • Trusted by many large companies, such as WhatsApp, Skype and Slack 
  • Built-in crash reporting and debugging
  • In-app updates: Electron will automatically check and inform the User if there is a new version available to download

New design to enhance User Experience (UX) 

  • New ‘pill box’ style for improved filtering
  • New styled themes improve visibility in different lightings

“Add Event” Enhancements, giving Users the ability to:

  • Import  CT Live Events to configure your event space, based on CT Live Event setup
  • Import and export preconfigured events spaces (from files) and transfer from one User to another
  • Archive or Unarchive an event space, allowing Users to view past event configurations

Race View” Enhancements, giving Users the ability to:

  • See how long it’s been since the last tag was read on a particular stream
  • View a streaming indicator letting you know that your stream is still playing its output source

For information on how to install Fusion to your Mac or PC, read up on the KnowledgeBase article Setting Up Fusion for the First Time


Known Issues

  1. Windows Users need to manually delete their old versions of Fusion using the Windows Add/Remove Program Functionality
  2. If a data stream connection errors out, you must rewind the stream before trying again
  3. Some CSV/MRK files are not able to be manually loaded (this is a rare case): To fix, restart Fusion
  4. ChronoSync’s are not recognized by Fusion in this version 

We will be releasing a follow-up version to fix these issues in the coming weeks.

If you are interested in the latest version, please go to the Downloads section in the Timers Portal to download today! With questions on how to start using Fusion as your middleware, contact Project Manager, Micah Rennels, at