Explanation of why

For years, the only way of consuming race results was to gather around pieces of paper slowly being taped to a wall or tree. The frequency to which results were updated was based on the time it took to fill up a new page of fresh finishers. While standing in line for results, the people you waited with weren’t just fellow racers, but were people that were similar to you. Maybe they were competing against you for an Age-Group, trying to beat a PR, or simply trying to finish with a sub 8 minute pace. No matter what it was, everyone had something in common.

scrolling results2Then came smart phones, Athlete Updates, and Results Kiosks. Suddenly there was a shift away from a shared experience, but rather a personal and direct one. Neither is right or wrong, but something was lost in the move towards a tailored experience. Sponsors love engagement and being able to directly reach out to Athletes, but they also love being the focal point of joyful conversations.

With the decreasing prices of televisions and display panels, piping customized information to participants is easer than ever. Our new Panels feature gives our Timers another method to display results to themselves, race directors, and to athletes.

scrolling resultsQ & A

Q: What is a Panel?

A: A Panel is just a static URL address that can be customized to suit the needs of whoever is meant to consume it. It’s primarily purpose is to update groups of Athletes or spectators gathered together; so connecting it to a large Television of Display works best.

Q: Is there any application that you wouldn’t suggest?

A: Because what is being displayed on the Panel can change at anytime, it is not recommended to share the URL directly with Athletes.

Q: What do I need to use Panels?

A: A small computer or laptop and an internet connection. You could use anything from a Chromebook, Raspberry Pi, Chromebit, or even just connect a long HDMI cable to your Timing laptop.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of Panels I can create for a Race or Event?
A: Nope.

Q: What are some examples of what you can do with a Panel?
A: We created Panels to be customizable, so it can be deployed and serve whatever purpose our Timer’s see fit:

  • Top X Overall Finishers in a race
  • Ability to display the most recent X Finishers. If your Race has thousands of people, you can limit the Panel to just show the most recent X Finishers instad of cycling through all 10K
  • Create multiple Panels for the same Race. One for Men and for Female Finishers
  • Create a custom Display Panel just for a select Bracket such as elites

Q: Is this something that can be sponsored?
A: Absolutely, you can currently adjust the names of the Panel Title, Race, and Graphics.

scrolling results4Functionality

  • The Panel automatically pulls in new Finishers every 10 seconds.
  • Ability to customize the Panel’s appearance:
    • Ability select the number of Race to show, although 1 Race per Panel works best.
    • Optional customizable title and subtitle
    • Optional graphic
    • Ability to adjust font and scroll speed
    • Ability to adjust display method with Scroll or Slideshow
  • Filtering Options:
    • How many Athlete Rows to display
    • Ability to show first X Finishers or the most recent X Finishers
    • Ability to filter by a Bracket
  • Columns Displayed:
    • Overall Rank
    • Bib
    • Athlete Name or Team Name
    • Primary Bracket and Primary Bracket Rank
    • Pace
    • Time
  • Ability to “Live Edit” your Panel. Sometime Races all start at the same time, and other times they occur sequentially. In either case, you can remotely change what the Panel is displaying remotely. After that 5K is over, simply edit the Panel to show 10K Results, and the Panel will automatically change wherever it is located.

Q: What’s next for Panels?
A: We love feedback and ideas, so if you have an idea on how to improve something let us know!

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