Release Notes

Addressing a batch of defects & enhancements in ChronoTrack LIVE utility

Good news valued partners, we have made some corrections to defects in our ChronoTrack LIVE Admin platform & registration features to make your experience more seamless:

  • We’ve returned with our option to sign-on with your Athlinks profile in our flow.
  • Accessing our handy “Athlete facing- bib confirmation lookup” for users accessing on a mobile device will NOW correctly apply the status of that athlete as we do already in our desktop viewing (i.e. “George Washington is a pending entry for this event”, “Pablo Picasso was not selected to participant in the event”, etc.).
  • We’ve returned to fulfilling “Photo Purchases- Paywall/Retail Model” on our ADYEN Payment gateway/provider (Stripe was not impacted and continues to be performant).
  • Onsite Registation Form is now able to accommodate Country Dropdown and Address (further strengthening our domestic and international registration reporting). Click here for details.
  • Organization wide coupon(s) creation in CT LIVE ADMIN can no longer be created more than 100% off (helping you guys that might have fat figured some extra digits- we’ll now prompt you from creating anything greater than 100%).
  • Emergency contact question/slide will not appear on consumer facing registration applicable choices when signaled in CT LIVE ADMIN [ie. “NO” is enabled for Enable Emergency Contact Questions]. Now we’re all back in working order for how YOU want your registration flow & slides to work.
  • We’ve cleaned up how the “Event Director Role” may or not may have access to the Global Org Wide Fee Details Report:
    • User with “Event Director Role + ALL EVENTS access can work with Global Org Wide Fee Details Report- in “Report Class” list box.
    • User with “Event Director Role + NOT ALL EVENT access cannot work with Global Org Wide Fee Details Report- does not see Global Org Wide Fee Details Report in “Report Class” list box.
  • Customization- Open Time Text & HIDE/DISPLAY. Previously, we’ve only given customers the option to set a CLOSE TIME. With this new feature, we’ve giving you access to customize & show to athletes when a REG CHOICE is not yet open: Click here for details
    • Customize the messages
    • Display the Date/Time that the REG CHOICE is going to Open
    • Option to hide the REG CHOICE from the reg form until the “Open Time” is met
  • Improvements to our ORG Wide FEE DETAIL REPORT- now added the “Org Wide Fee Detail Report to the Org Reports section so YOU don’t have pull several FEE DETAILS reports at the ORG level (still be on the lookout on reporting discrepancies with product questions being different across events, etc.)

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer and we look forward to continuing our work making Athlinks Services/ChronoTrack the industries premier platform for Registration, Timing & Scoring and Media.

Happy trails, Sean P. Walkinshaw.

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