Release Notes Result Page Defect Fixes

Over the past week we have released several improvements to our Athlinks Individual Result Pages (IRPs) and Athlinks Event Result Pages (ERPs)

  • Better Error Prevention – We identified and fixed an issue where small data discrepancies between the IRP and ERP prevented IRPs from loading at all. Now IRPs should always load.
  • Faster and More Consistent ERP / IRP Behavior – On rare occasions, loading Results could temporarily freeze on some browsers. We have improved their loading speed which also prevents the wrong IRP from opening for the wrong Athlete.
  • Better Error Handling – We have changed our original error message to be more informative and helpful. Previously, our error state was informative, but non-actionable. We have recently added a functional Back Button to replace our previous Try Again Button.

  • If there is URL in the browser’s history, then hitting Go Back will act like the built in browser’s back button.
  • If there is no URL in the browser’s history, then hitting back will go to the ERP page for that Event.

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