Release Notes

Athlinks Onsite Results Bracket Enhancement

We’ve further enhanced our Athlinks Onsite Results display! Brackets are a great way for Athletes to see how they stack up with their peers, but there was an issue with how our previous version of Athlinks Onsite Results behaved during a live Event. With our previous version, all Athletes would have to finish before the “out of” number would be accurate. This meant that the first person to finish a Race would show up as “1 out of 1” and not accurately tell the full story. What made matters even worse, is that as a Race progressed, every fresh finisher checking their result would alway appear to be in last place “354 out of 354.” We did’t like disappointing Athletes so we decided to change it.

Now brackets work great at any point in time during your Event! We’ve enhanced this experience by choosing to use the total number of Athletes who are in a given bracket as the “out of” number. This change will enhance athletes’ experience by making rankings on the Athlinks Onsite Results display more meaningful and exciting and further set it apart from our legacy CT Onsite Results kiosk!


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