Release Notes

ChronoCast Version 2.2 Released

With the latest release of ChronoCast Version 2.2, Users are now able to highlight and distinguish certain Athletes and view color-coded custom information directly on the announcer screen. By uploading a .CSV to you can now specify the row colors and text colors you would associated with specific Athletes or groups of Athletes. This will allow your announcer to easily spot Athletes that are special to the event to make sure they are not missed when crossing the finish line.

In addition, the latest version allows Users the ability to add custom data to ChronoCast. This will allow fun facts or custom information about Athletes to be read and announced as they cross the finish line. This information will be available in the pop-up modal by selecting a specific Athlete in the “Runners” screen.

To learn more about ChronoCast, its available features, and how to set up the app please view our Knowledge Base article here.

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