Release Notes

ChronOS Released

The newest release of ChronOS is now available. The update brings some new updates to Pro2 including:

  • Active System functionality
  • Enhanced Event and Point name editing
  • GPI Gunstart support
  • Option to turn on and off data aggregation
  • DNS support
  • Screen Calibration tool

Active System

We now offer support of our Active Tag on the Pro2! This functionality allows for timing both Active and Passive chips at the same time, covering your needs for all endurance events. Our Active system is easy and intuitive to configure. It’s as simple as plugging in the Active extension to the Pro2 and and laying the cable which can be done in minutes! To learn more about this set up – visit the Knowledge Base here.

Enhanced Event and Point Name Editing

When editing your Event and Point names you are now able to easily clear out data by clicking the “x” next to the name. We have also improved efficiency on race day  by enabling you to select preset Point names.

GPI Gunstart Support

The Pro2 is capable of remote gun starts that can be triggered from an external source. By simply plugging in your GPI gun start device, you race can be started with the push of a button.

Option To Turn On and Off Data Aggregation

A new addition to our Pro Series controller, you now have the option to turn Data Aggregation on and off. For our timers out there that do not want to share data between controllers but still need to share a network connection, you can simply turn Data Aggregation off.

DNS Support

DNS (Domain Name System) allows our controllers to connect up to our servers through our servers URL. This helps you by not having to memorize any more IP addresses and now just using our server URL.

Screen Calibration Tool

Screen Calibration allows you to fix you screen on the fly. If your touch screen is needs calibration you can simply go to you Admin Settings and click Screen. This will run you through a calibration process that can take less than minute and gets you back to timing your race as quick as possible.


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