Release Notes

ChronoTrack Live 2.0 – NEW! My Events Page and Event Creation

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve released the first step in our CT Live overhaul – CT Live 2.0!

When you visit the My Events page, you’ll notice a button that says “Try NEW CT Live 2.0”.


When you click this button, the new My Events page will appear. You can switch back to CT Live 1.0 using the link that replaced the 2.0 button.


This update makes the My Events page responsive, meaning it can resize to fit smaller screens. It also comes in Light or Dark Mode which you can toggle at the top of the screen.

New basic event filtering and sorting functionality has been added, and the My Users and My Orgs buttons have been added as links in the new Sidebar.


Lastly, we’ve overhauled the Create Event process, applying the new design scheme and streamlining the whole process down to 5 steps.


All registration and tax and payment elements have been removed from the event creation process and placed in the Registration tab of CT Live (only when using CT Live 2.0). So if you don’t intend to take payment through CT Live registration, you never have to fill any of that information in for the Event.

CT Live 2.0 will remain a beta product until we have finished rolling it out to all pages, tabs, and sub-tabs in CT Live. Changes made on 2.0 will be reflected on 1.0, and vice versa. Anything beyond the My Events page and the Create Event page will still have the old design, but we’re excited to bring these updates to more and more pages and tabs of CT Live in the very near future.

For a complete list of changes and a look at what the new My Events page has to offer and how to use the new Create Event process, check out the article HERE. Or, just go try it out!

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