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CT Live – Result Auto Syncing to Athlinks

We’ve talked about Auto Sync for a while, and now it’s officially out! This enhancement to CT Live means that you, the Timer, have one less thing to worry about on and after race day.CT Live will now automatically sync results to Athlinks after your Event is complete and hasn’t been re-scored for 24 hours. It should be noted that you still have the ability to Sync results manually before the Automatic Sync Time has been reached if needed. Check out the brief FAQ below:


Why do I need to Sync my results if I already see them in Athlinks?

  • It’s all about making the results official in the eyes of Athlinks. We know that results are constantly in flux on race day, but eventually Athlinks needs official times so that the results can be claimed, used to set PRs, and be used by our Series engine.

What Events can take advantage of Auto Sync?

  • Events need to be both Unarchived and linked to Athlinks in order to Sync.

When does my Event Auto Sync?

  • Your results will automatically sync after the Event is over and after 24 hours has passed since your last result correction. This helps guarantee that we don’t prematurely sync results that are still being adjusted.

What if I make changes to my results after they are Synced?

  • No problem! After another 24 hours we will update the previously synced results in Athlinks; all automatically.

Will all my previous Events Auto Sync?

  • Not quite yet. We have a lot of Results to get through, so we’re taking it one step at a time. All Events scored going forward will automatically be synced, and then we will slowly start to go back in time to sync previously scored Events.

How can I tell if my Event was successfully synced?

As always, we have a wealth of information in our knowledge base. Read more about this Feature here:

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