Release Notes

CT Live – On-Demand OCR Bib Tagging Service BETA

We’re excited to announce the beta release of a brand new feature in CT Live! The new tool uses uses state-of-the-art Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to tag athletes in images that don’t correspond to timing data and therefore can’t be auto-synced.

This service can be triggered from the Media > Photos tab on a per-camera basis. This functionality means that you can now upload photos that don’t correspond to timing data (such as photos in front of backdrops) and sync them with two clicks.


In conjunction with this new service, we’ve also added a new Report – the Photo Tagging Charges Report. After images have been tagged via the OCR service, a new report that shows details on the tagging job and the costs incurred will appear in the Financial section of the Reports tab.


This feature is currently in BETA, so any and all feedback is appreciated as we bring this feature to full-fruition.

During the beta period, the OCR service is free, but after full release, a charge of $0.01 USD per photo submitted will be in effect.

For complete details on using the new service, check out the Knowledge Base article HERE

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