Release Notes

CT Live Report Availability Enhancement

CT Live users rely on various reports to provide them with crucial information about entries in their events. Some reports that users have found very useful were previously locked to anyone but super users, so a special request had to be submitted to Support to gain access. Due to popular demand, we’ve now unlocked four reports so that anyone can add them into the event. These are:

  • Standard/BibAssignmentTime – shows the date and time at which a bib was assigned to each Athlete in the event
  • Standard/YrOverYr – shows a comparison of financial details between the current event and the previous year’s event. (You must define a Last Year’s Event in Event Properties > Other)
  • Standard/CheckInStatus – shows name and contact information for each entry and whether or not they have checked in. (Check-In Functionality must be turned on under Registration > On-site Options)
  • Standard/CheckInTotal – shows total number of people registered, checked in, and not checked in.

We hope you enjoy using these reports!

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