Release Notes

CT Live Timing Device Deletion Enhancement

With the future of ChronoTrack Live focused solely on Scoring and Results, we’re already making some much-needed and much-requested updates.

We’ve always made it our policy to guard data added to CT Live very carefully, especially with regard to tag reads and Course elements. While useful for security, we’ve realized that our policies have led to some frustrating user experience when trying to delete Timing Devices from the Course.

With a recent release, we’ve changed how Timing Devices and their associated tag reads are deleted.

  • Timing Device deletion no longer requires Auto-Score to be OFF. The Race should still be recalculated by changing the Actual Start Time for the Race after deletion, however.
  • Deletion is now possible when a Camera device is associated with the Point to which the Timing Device belongs. A warning message will display before the deletion is allowed, however.
  • ALL tag reads of any type (New, Force, Skip, etc.) will be completely deleted from the database.

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