Release Notes

CT Live Unique URL’s

Since ChronoTrack Live’s inception, users have only been able to edit a single event in a browser instance. If one browser tab was opened to one event and some change was made, then another tab was opened to a different event, as soon as a change was made to the second tab, it would switch to the first event. This has caused confusion and mistakes and limited CT Live’s convenience for people who need to multitask.

We’ve now released changes to the following tabs and their associated sub-tabs in CT Live that alters the URL structure to include the event ID number. This means that users can now edit multiple events at once in a single browser instance.

  • Event tab
  • Registration tab
  • Teams tab
  • Athletes tab
  • Scoring tab
  • Media tab
  • Email tab
  • Reports tab

Users should still use caution when editing multiple events at once in the same browser window. Always double-check that you’re making edits in the correct event.

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