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CT Live – Updated Default Start Timing Point Max Accepted Times

Over the past few months we’ve seen an increase in support calls related to course setups for “Out & Backs.” In order to better prevent Race-Day issues from occurring, we’ve made a small modification to the default Start Timing Point Max Accepted Time. This small change reduces the default Max Accepted Time for the Start Timing Point. As always, you still have the ability to adjust the time, but this change should help mitigate Race-Day issues by preventing an over lap of the Start’s Max Accepted Time with the Finish’s Min Accepted Time.
While the change mentioned above should be sufficient to prevent issues from occurring, it should be worth noting that a better way of dealing with an “Out & Back” would be to not reuse the same Timing Device in CT Live, but rather press a Marker on the controller after the Start Line clears. Streaming 2 different sets of data is our preferred method because it:

  • Creates Cleaner Data
  • Creates less Timing Data for the Scoring Engine
  • Makes the Console easier to read
  • Makes tracking down missed reads much easier.
Undesirable Course Setup for Out & Backs:
Preferred Course Setup for Out & Backs:

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